Terms of Service


Berger Interiors charges the following charges for deliveries.
0-10 Miles: Free with minimum purchase of $100.00 or more
11-30 Miles: Free with purchase of 500.00 or more
31-60 Miles: 119.99
60-90 Miles: 179.99

Pick up Orders

Pick ups are available at our Belle Plaine and St. Peter locations during regular business hours.

Exchange Policy

If you wish to exchange your order for a different item you can reorder and schedul a new drop-off date. However all exchanges must be made within 3 days and are subject to a 15% restocking fee.(Please put the following sentence in bold) Note that mattresses are an exception. If a mattress plastic cover ha been removed, it cannot be exchanged. All items must be in the original condition as it was received. A representative will schedule a pickup of the items at the next available opportunity.

Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with your item after receiving it and you simply wish to refund your purchase instead of exchanging for another piece, you must notify Berger Interiors within 3 days of receiving it. Your purchase will be refunded minus a 20% restocking fee. Please note that all items must be returned in the manner they were received.(Bold) Note that mattresses are an exception. If a mattress plastic cover has been removed, it cannot be refunded. For further questions, please contact your Berger Interiors representative.


In order to keep our prices low, we ask that our customers comply with our cancellation policy. (Bold) All cancellations must be confirmed with a Berger Interiors representative only and within 48 hours of placing your order. After that, cancellations are subject to a 20% cancellation fee. (regular font) You are responsible for confirming all furniture dimensions with measurements in your home. Any customer service issues should be resolved by speaking directly to a Berger Interiors Representative.
We ask that you please respect our cancellation policy as there are many customers waiting for their delivery each day. By cancelling on time, you allow others to get their items on time. As a small company, there is a lot of work involved from the time you place your order until the time you receive your order. Last minute cancellations cost us time and money, when we could be passing on the savings to you and other customers.
Thank you for your cooperation.